Yamaha C-2a compared to Adcom 565 - esp re: MM phono

Looking for firsthand experience with these two. They seem very similar, both regarded well, both mentioned with great phono stages. 

They would be paired with an Adcom 545II, but not forever. One small detail is the Adcom has a headphone jack which I'd love to have, but will add a small tube headphone amp later so it's not a big deal.

Other pre considered are/were Forte Model 2, Apt Holman and Hafler 915.
Once again, I’ll answer my own post.
I’ve acquired and done my own comparison using the Yamaha C-2a, the Adcom GFP-565, and the Forte Audio model 2. They were paired with an Adcom 545 MkII, and used with relatively tight and bright older Infinities with Emit-R tweeters. My thinking was that brightness and sibilance would be pushed over the edge and easier to spot, and anything less than solid and accurate bass response would show itself, by not showing itself. :)

Also, I chose a few tracks that would be difficult and revealing in the vocals, thick and airy background vocals, and instruments that would also be easily pushed to brightness or show depth in the lower regions. Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters, and Hey Nineteen, The Cars - Best Friends Girl, and Lorde - Royals, all on vinyl, MM cart, stereohedron stylus (also revealing) at 47ohm.

I won’t go into crazy depth with all the notes, but the overall impressions which tended to be similar on all tracks.

Very detailed and airy. Almost 3D etched quality, which also showed as bright and edgy, almost spitty at times. This pre was in my setup earlier for a span with other warmer speakers and different cart, and was much nicer and very neutral. Rhythm section sounded tight and accurate, maybe lacking in authority. Most vox were very airy, excellent separation and soundstage. With this cart/amp/speaker it tended to emphasize hi-mids and while nice, at times it was too much and borderline unpleasant. Just this side of sibilant.

Much more thump and authority on the rhythm sections, drums and bass were thicker, warmer, woodier in a way. Still clean and accurate, just not as airy, flatter. BG vox were still lush, main vox were more receded and slightly compressed. The whole top end wasn’t as airy, and overall it just sounded polite and somewhat restrained except for the lower ends.

Um, yeah. Wow. MASSIVE tight and fast thump on drums, not more than there is in the recording, just very clean and accurate. The whole top end was open and airy like the Forte, maybe not quite as 3D but in a way it was deeper and wider. Background vox huge and rich, big soundstage. Opening claps on The Cars were stunning (there!), Lorde synth was very tight and dry.

IMO no contest. I wasn’t really expecting the Yamaha to do that. Both Adcoms are up for caps, and I still have other speakers / TTs / carts to try but that Yamaha is not going anywhere. Your milage may vary, but this was pretty clear for me. Hope it helps someone else out.

One of the reasons I wanted to try something other than the Forte was tone controls (I know). Not having used an impedance selector on a pre before, I noticed that the 68ohm setting on the Yamaha really gave everything an extra air that was interesting. Could you use these selectors as a faux tone control on certain recordings to add some brightness / air?