Yamaha BD-A1060 Blu-Ray player with a CD function to reduce RPM speed?

About this universal player, there is a cd switch that apparently slows the rotation speed by 20% to improve sensitivity and readability on the error-correction process.

I saw this player at a dealer. While this is no Oppo 105 as far as heft and weight, this Yamaha seems very well put-together complete with XLR outs. 

What I am curious about is this cd "lower speed" feature. While the player is pretty quiet at the normal DVD speed, you can definitely hear it whirling down with the CD switch engaged.

What to make of this? Comments?

I am considering getting this player, given the relative non-audiophile pricing. Just seems like good value.

Blu ray / DVD needs higher speed than CD, What Yamaha did is forcing the transport
to speed closely as possible to pure CD transport ,very nice feature. In general Yamaha has outstanding blu ray players for its price.