Yamaha B-4 ? Power Amp - Good for Maggie 1.6s?

I love the sound of Maggies so that's the direction I want to go. Everybody says they are power hogs. I already own an Arcam FMJ22 which puts out 175w into 4 ohms and I have my trusty old Yamaha which I think is like 350w? Does anyone know the specs on these old Yamahas? How many watts into 4 ohms, into 8 ohms? Should I bi-amp the Maggies or leave out the Yamaha entirely? What current equipment would significantly improve on the Yamaha cost effectively?
Leave the Yamaha in your closet. It may sound louder but at what cost to your ears? If the Arcam doesn't do it, bi-amping will do wonders with a better amp or you can always use a nice sub/crossover with them. Leave the Yamaha in your closet.