Yamaha A-S701

does anyone own this integrated or have experience with it?  I have a 20+ year old Yamaha RX-770 and am curious if this would be an upgrade sonically.  the RX-770 sounds pretty good but don't know how much longer it will last. anyway thanks for any info.
I've had the A-s500 and thought it was a terrific integrated for the price.  I moved up to the A-S2000 which is in a different league.  If you can stretch, try and find a used one.  Should be able to pick one up for around $1300.  In fact, I'm trading mine in next week to my local store and they will probably list around the price I mentioned.  (HiFi Heaven- Green Bay, WI).  
I wish I could tell you from experience about the A-S701 but I can about the A-S1000.  Built like vault, quiet as a mouse, very "accurate" or let's say natural in it's presentation.  IMO, no over emphasis in any part of the frequency range.  Just smooth from top to bottom and with good detail.

I know of two people personally who own the A-S701 and they could not be more pleased.  They are are both(as well as I) driving efficient Klipsch speakers so no stress or strain on the Yamaha is present.  The built in DAC is a bonus IMO but stepping up to the A-S801 will offer a better option with the ESS 9010 chip. 

i had the predecessor, the as700 and it was a very solid piece which should be a considerable upgrade over their 90s gear. the as700 was slightly bright but revealing and very clean sounding
dhpeck- would love to do that but beyond the budget!  I'm sure your correct about the others being in a different league.

willland- I have a Schiit Bifrost 4490 DAC which I really like.  I'm more interested in the comparison between the RX-770 and A-S701. these days I listen exclusively to streaming music. MacBook Air > Schiit Bifrost with Nola Boxer speakers and the RX-770.  probably not many RX-770's around these days. I guess the only way to find out is to order one somewhere with a good return policy.
hi loomisjohnson, what was your gear with the as700?  the RX-770 isn't bright at all, very neutral.  
I know that the A-s801 can be had discounted, maybe close to the price of the 701. The 801 would provide more power, however i am not sure of other differences.