Yamaha A-S3000 Vs Marantz PM-10 (new reference line)


Anyone compared this two integrated amplifiers?

The move of Marantz into Class D makes me doubt about if the gear still delivered the warm sound signature...

Thanks to all, best regards.
Myself, I would prefer the Yamaha (I've only heard the Yamaha in person). However, I no longer sell class D short. Heck, my early 2000's Pioneer Elite A/V receiver sounded really good. Class D, from what I have read, has come a long way since. 


     I haven't heard either receiver but I agree with aberyclark that current class D amps can sound very good.  I've been using 2 stereo and a pair of mono block class D amps in my system for about 3 yrs. I've also helped a friend pick out and install a 5.1 surround/music system and we used a Pioneer Elite A/V receiver that was class D.  
     I'm absolutely certain that class D is a very good performer on both home theater and music.  I've replaced all of my good quality class AB amps with class D in my combo ht and music system because they perform and sound much better without any downsides.  Class D amps also use less juice and run cooler. 
     However, I would characterize their general sound character as neutral rather than warm.   They will just amplify the inputted signals accurately without any flavoring but, if their is warmth contained on the original recording, that warmth will be amplified and perceived.  If you desire an amp that will sound warm or add warmth on everything played, you probably should not choose class D. 
My class D stock modules are pretty warm indeed. :)

So, have to listen.
Seems the Marantz is based on Hypex Class D modules, many positive reviews out there for them.
I should also point out in the same price range are the Luxman integrateds as well.
Yamaha is a great and powerful company . Marantz is a brand name that
has gone though a lot of different hands .
Anyone listened and compared the new marantz reference series amplifier, PM-10? and compared with their previous Class AB reference power amps? 
Noble, you are describing my experience (although limited) with class D. The early 2000's Elite receiver sounded way better than my 70's Pioneer receivers I had back in the day. I'm sure modern class D has improved even since then. 
IMO if you're looking for warm, the Yamaha won't be the answer. I  own an as2000 and it is pretty neutral maybe even cool sounding. From what I remember from limited exposure the 3000 is very similar. Marantz is known for a bit of warmth 
" IMO if you're looking for warm, the Yamaha won't be the answer. I own an as2000 and it is pretty neutral maybe even cool sounding. From what I remember from limited exposure the 3000 is very similar."

I am not stating this as fact from personal experience but the A-S3000(and A-S1100, A-S2100) uses mosfet output transistors and is said to have a warmer presentation than the A-S2000 as well as the A-S1000 which I do own.

Hi @bluenote64, 

i did exactly that, I had the as3000 and the cds2100 which I both liked and indeed was thinking of upgrading to the cds3000. 

But out firstly I ended getting a very good deal on s sa-10 scad player so I decided to get the matching pm-10. 

My speakers are Dynaudio confidence 5 and my t/t is a technics sl1000mk2 with Ortonfon A90 cartridge.  Interconnects are Nordost Frey xlr and speaker cable is also Nordost Frey .  I play a wide range of music.

its a tricky one, but I would have to say the pm-10 is the better amp over the as3000. To me the sound is more detailed and more lively  or dynamic sounding , but it still warm and not clinical. Perhaps maybe not as warm as the as3000, but I think  the benefits of the detailed and lively make up for it. 

I also think the the phonostage on the pm-10 is better, certainly for my cartridge. 

Styling i I liked the retro looks and facilities of the as3000, but I also like the more modern styling of the pm-10. 

Hope that helps 


Hello sir, how are you?

Do you had the opportunity to hear the PM-10 with the Dynaudio Contour new speakers?

No, the dealer here for marantz doesn't do dynaudio. Sonus fabler and some others. 
I know this is irrelevant when it comes to sound, I think the Yamaha will hold it's value longer. I could be wrong, I think Marantz is seen, along with brands like Pioneer, Denon, etc, as more of a general consumer brand. Yamaha has a strong footing in pro audio and instruments. Again, just a perception.
Since Yamaha is a huge company with deep pockets and Marantz is just a  marketing name that’s been through many hands that makes sense .
The hold in value is an interest aspect, I agree, the Yamaha A-S3000 transmit me a feeling, that can be a future classic device, in fact, the whole design concept (internal circuit, functions, aesthetics) is like a classic integrated from late 70’s early 80’s.

but hey.. the Marantz Reference line also holds his value pretty well, no?

Like the SC-7S1 Preamp and MA-9S1 monoblock, think they costs more now days used, maybe even the SC-11S1 preamp and SM-11S1 stereo amp are holding his values pretty well...

Agree that the PM-10 feels like a gamble on the value hold aspect, maybe because it's a Class D amp..


I owned the AS2000 and AS3000 long term. The AS2000 was painfully neutral. The AS3000 was voiced to sound more tube-like and was phenomenal with every speaker I paired it with. 

Just curious, the Marantz literature state the PM-10 is a "pure analog amplifier".  But those power modules sure do look like class D.  Can anyone confirm?
I have owned both the Yamaha AS2000 and the AS3000, my current amplifier. As good as the AS2000 was, the AS3000 is in a whole different league and cannot be compared on sonics or build quality.

The AS3000 is a statement product and a technical showcase from a company with immense resources and know-how in building every instruments that can be found in a symphonic orchestra, including legendary grand pianos. And Yamaha’s music division (meaning top « ears ») was involved in voicing the AS3000. Everything about the AS3000, inside and out is overbuilt, over-specified and even the tactile feel of operation is incredible.

As far as sound is concerned, I would qualify it as extremely detailed yet neutral with a state of the art low frequency definition and a touch of smoothness. Call it tubes, but I won’t, I call it refined.

I cannot comment on the Marantz. I like the brand ( own a Marantz-branded clearaudio table ). However, I find the looks of their high-end amps a bit cheezy with that small chrome-circle window, and those blue lights. Somehow it has that modern-borderline passé look while the Yammy looks timeless and should become a classic looking ahead...all subjective of course, but for me, and at those prices, looks count. Both the M and Y should sound fine though and are fine purchases. One thing for sure, photos do not convey the beauty of the Yamaha - to be absolutely seen, touched and heard in person.