Yamaha A-S2100 vs Technics SU-G700

Hello Everyone,
Looking to see if anyone has A/B these two units. I am looking for an int amp to pair with Dynaudio C20 speakers. For now I have the bluesound node2 streamer which I will replace with something much better later. But for now I need to know how these two sonically compare. I do realize that yamaha is class a/b design and technics is class D. Thoughts would be much appreciated yet and please do not recommend a 3rd int amp :-). I prefer open airy (not thing n bright sound) decent mid and tighter bass. 

Yamaha as2100 ~ $3,499
Technics SU G700 (built in dac) ~ $2,500

Interested to hear responses to your question. .  What is your take?  Have you done any more research?
The Yamaha will chew up the Technics in no time. I have the A-S2100 in my house, and it is really good. The music sound very emotional, natural, and relaxing. The bass is deep and tight. It is a real deal. 
For that much money, you can get a wicked amp / preamp combo.
and have some scratch left for music or other stuff.  
Unless heart is set on the yammy or other integrated..?

 For 3K I would go SEPERATES ,Watch audiogon for used amps. Lots show up here weekly

You Might want to look at the more advanced but slightly less power Technics SU-G30 also, which uses the newest GaN Class-D amp technology.
It's a network server, Bluetooth, MQA as well as integrated amp and dac  

Wi-Fi Capability

You can connect the SU-G30 to a network via a home LAN system using a cable or with a wireless configuration (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n). The built-in Wi-Fi function lets you easily connect to a network without using a LAN cable even if your PC or broadband router is set up in another room.

Bluetooth® Capability

The SU-G30 is also equipped with a Bluetooth® function that supports aptX® and AAC. This lets you stream music easily from a Bluetooth®-ready device.


This unit includes the MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology, which enables playback of MQA audio files and streams, delivering the sound of the original master recording.

TIDAL, Spotify and vTuner Supported

In addition to DLNA and USB playback capability, the SU-G30 supports TIDAL, Spotify Connect and vTuner. For vTuner, use the Technics Music App to select stations and listen to a wide variety of broadcasts.

Cheers George
You can find a nice used Yamaha A-S2100 for about half the list price now. I just picked one up myself after several years with an A-S2000. Both amps are polite out of the box but if you leave them on for a few days, they open up nicely. The A-S2100 feels like it has better control in the low and high end. I have a harder time deciphering differences in the mid-range, but my DAC is a mere Schiit Modi Multibit (via USB from a Salk Streamplayer) so that might be why. I'm planning to find a DAC with balanced outputs down the road. Until then, I can't comment on differences between Yamaha's single-ended inputs and its balanced ones.
I pruchased yhr Trchnic on Audiogon for well under 2 grand. I enjoy everything about it, resolution imaging soundstage all are satisfying and greatly improved my system.  At 70 watts it could use a bit more juice, but still plenty loud in my listening room. Customer support sucks however you can never reach a person. I do not know the Yamaha  but I bet it is good as well.