Yamaha A-S2000 or A-S1100

Just real quick.

If you were considering between the Yamaha A-S2000 and A-S1100 (both used), which one would you prefer?

Keep in the mind, the 1100 is a little pricier but not dramatic.

While the A-S2000 has a beefier(88,000 vs 72,000 microfarads total capacitance) power supply and fully balanced inputs, I would choose the A-S1100 for the meters alone.  Pretty petty I know but what a beauty.  I have the A-S1000 and it is a beast as well with rock solid build quality.  

You could always recap with bigger caps if your repair guy is knowledgeable . I always choose the bigger engine in situations like this. Yamaha made some really great equipment.