Yamaha A-S1100 vs Mctntosh vintge

I am currently using a Yamaha CA800 which I owned back in the late 70s and love it. I also h Editave a near mint Mc2105 amp (105 w/ch) currently not being used.

I’m considering selling the Mc2105 and getting a A-S1100, or getting one of the Mc pre-amp 30 seriespre-amp to go with the 2105. Cost wise the Yamaha would be about $4-500 less expensive. My son will get the CA800.

I should add that my high freq hearing isn’t so hot anymore (Army bang bang related) so midrange clarity is most important.
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Hey can I ask what speakers you would use with the MAC? Also, for $1100 your not going to be able to touch the both quality or the warm natural sound of the MC2105 imo. Most of todays electronics are expensive or cheap (or both). Putting together a nice system using a C32 or C33 would be highly rewarding indeed!

Matt M
Hi: Driving Dynaudio Focus 110 stand mounts. My 45w CA800 does fine so I expect the Mc2105 to be more than adequate.
I would say, choosing a better preamp would really make those Dyns "wake up" in the midrange now that I know what speakers you have. Those Dynaudio speakers are awesome! I would pair the MAC with a Modwright SWL 9.0 or a DOGE 8 Clarity or a Dehavilland Ultraverve SE or a Manley labs jumbo shrimp, yes these are all tube based pre amps :-) Also, cables will play a important role in making sure things dont get to warm or dark. Kimber and Morrow audio cables I have used with same brands and its great synergy.





Matt M
McIntosh C15 or C712 are very good preamps ... 
HI Matt:  Thanks for the input, but I'd rather stay away from tubes. I did tubes for years (Quicksilver, AudioNote, Art Audio, Wyetech, Audiomat, and others), got tired of finding decent tubes without mortgaging the house, so I'd rather stick with s-s pre=amps.