Yacco Whirly Wisp or Cauda Equina interconnects?

Anyone out there have experience with Yacco interconnects, Whirly Wisps or Cauda Equina? Comparisons with other silver or silver/hyrid interconnects?
Are you sure you aren't making these names up? I thought Yacco was one of the characters on THE WARNER BROTHERS cartoon show. WHIRLY WISPS??? Tell me I didn't sleep through winter and it's April first again! It must be that all the good, nay, all the non hilarious names have already been taken and we are down to such as these. Where will it all end? I would invent some funny ones except I intend to run down and trademark them Tuesday. I invite others to do so.
Yeah, Stanwal, I'm laughing too, except... these are actually listed for sale on Audiogon. Personally, I'm delighted by the idea of being able to tell people my interconnects are Whirly Wisps!
Check that -- the other interconnect is not "Cauda Equina," it's "Lucky 7." Whirly Wisps and Lucky &.
Pretty cool actually..Yeahhh, I've got some Whirly Wisps running from my CDP to my Pre and then I topped it off with some Lucky 7's from my Pre to my amp-the sound is beautiful. Ha ha, now those are some unique names-love it!

I thought I'd have a little fun with the naming scheme. I felt like cable names were moving in a more serious descriptive direction and I wasn't going to call my product 'Super-Mega-Awesome Rod of Thunder' interconnects. The Whirly Whisps actually do look like whispy whirls, and the Lucky 7s, well they're constructed with seven strands. As for the Cauda Equina, it's the terminal portion of the spinal cord (literally means horses tail) and looking at the final design of the cables, I couldn't help but think "man, these look like the cauda equina"... Names aside, the cables sound fantastic, and I'm not just saying that because it's my company :-)