Y-S audio Symphonies preamp review


for those of you who have seen this company around, but always wondered....I wrote a review of my personal unit.
This is my first review of playback equipment, take it fwiw, which isn't much. But I hope you enjoy reading it none the less.

bottom line, show me a tube pre (or any preamp) that sounds as good and costs $400 or less, shipped.
good luck
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A very good review! You have a nice site also.
China is putting out some killer products that I believe, will have a strong market in the U.S.within the next 5 years.
Look out!
I have owned and heard many high end preamps. This is easily one of the best regardless of price. At $400 it is practically a gift. No solid state pre I've heard below $2000 is even in the same league. It is superior to my Audible Illusions 2C and Counterpoint SA3000. You must of course get rid of the crappy tubes that come with it and put some Amperex, Mullard or other quality NOS tubes in. You will be amazed and pleased with a smile on your face every time you listen to this unit.