Y No YG ?

Hi Everyone, 

It just occurred to me that I never see YG Acoustics mentioned. With exotic cabinets and driver manufacturing, I would think they'd be discussed as often as Wilson, B&W or Magico. 

Personally I haven't heard them, but I like their brochures! 


Interesting. Was curious about the track just mentioned. I’ve seen that posted before on agon. Just played it a few times at increasing volumes on yg Hailey 2.2s. Shook the house, and my dog didn’t like it, but barely closed the gap between the drivers and the front guard. Easily another another 1.5 inches in between.  That is a good test track albeit a bit spooky
Yes- and good! Its entirely possible they fixed that problem in the intervening years!
@zprr how do you like your haileys?

Really enjoying their sound to say the least. Over the last 12 years I transitioned from the Dynaudio Confidence C1s to the Carmel2s now the H2.2s.   I had moved to a larger room and the H2.2s pressurize the room in a way that the Carmel2s could not.  Vocals with the new tweeter are sublime. Of course matching components and cabling, as well as room considerations, are important.  I do still pair it with a JBL Fathom 112 v2 crossed over at 28. 

Haileys are indeed very bright and current hungry. I have some luck pulling them all the way out and placing them at 72” from the front wall to get room-coupling bass out of them to neutralize the brightness. The conventional wisdom of trying to get more bass by placing close to front wall did not work. Minimal toe in and placing them wide gets me a warmer less lean balance.  I was able to play organ pieces and the infamous tricycle with no midrange flapping problem.  
Totally respect above post. My experience has been different as I have less than 18 inches from wall to speaker and get a nice rich textured bass. My room is 25x15x9 and no trouble filling it out.  My dealer spent some time w setup but didn’t take long. Nothing I would consider lean w current setup. Decent toein as well although I know yg recommends not too much. Agree they need current. I run a SS amp 300watts/channel at 8 ohms. Perhaps this is a key for relatively inefficient ygs as well as components that pair well? I have never heard them w tubes...