Y-Connector with XLR ends for Bi-Amping?

I currently use a Y-connector with RCA ends to connect my preamp to my amp (4 channels) to bi-amp my speakers. I am thinking now of bi-amping using XLR interconnects. Is there such a thing as a Y-connector with XLR ends which will meet my needs, and who makes a quality Y-connector with XLR ends if it is available? Thanks much for your help.
I've seen them in music stores: Sam Ash, Guitar Center,etc. maybe some mail order catalogs (Muscian Friend, etc.) the manufacturer Hosa has these models: YXL-119 & YXM-121, don't know about their quality, I'm sure there are others.
These are about $40 a pair from Cobalt Cable.


Also, try A2Z cables. they have just about everything that could ever be made. they also have a very informative web page.

Note: be a little careful as you get creative with your wires.

I bi-amp from the high end Cd player but then I got real cute with my amp, using balanced inputs for one source and using unblanced for another source. I caused some very expensive problems in my Cd player when something looped back that it could not handle.
Sonoran has some very nice XLR Y-connectors starting at $125 per pair. Check their website for info on all of their high value resonance control cables.
Twl, can you tell me the website address of Sonoran? I have done a search, yet I cannot seem to locate it. Thanks again everyone for your responses.
Sure, it's http://www.audiopoints.com

There's a header bar across the top of the page that lists all of the StarSound products. Sonoran Cable is one of them. Just select on that.
You might also want to check out Zu Cable, they also have Y-cables for vertical and mono bi-amping available with RCA's or XLR's. The web page for the RCA's is http://www.zucable.com/YZ-rca/index.html

Happy hunting.