XV1-s vta?

I now have about 8 hours on my Dynavector XV1-s and starting to fine tune. I am currently playing at 2.2g with bias set at 2 on my SME V.

I started with the arm at a 'level' setting but have now raised the back of the arm up in height which seems to give a faster bass and wonderfully clear insight into the recording. This is the first cartridge that I have found likes the arm to be 'pointing down' to the cartridge, I have generally found the reverse to be true (arm down slightly at the rear).

What have other people found with this cartridge??
My XV1-s also likes to play with the back of the arm jacked up higher than the front. First is it looked a bit odd, but it sounds wonderful parked at that vta setting. Sam
Shouldn't be up much, but yes. Mine likes a little positive VTA.

P.S. Don't worry about it too much until you get about 50 hours or so on it. Then you can drop VTF down around 1.88-1.93 or so and revisit VTA. Also, by then you should be able to lighten up on AS as well. I'm finding around 1 gram +/- for AS works very well for most LPs. As always, listen for mistracking then add a bit more.