XV-1s. Since 2000, timeless or ready for upgrade?

We see cartridge upgrades as often as the trees turn color. The mags rave about the sonic improvements, and bestow awards to the best, once a year. 3 months ago, I finally installed the Shelter 90 X I purchased 2 years ago. Now the 9000 is the top of the sonic mountain, I guess my 90 X is worth 1/2 of the original price I paid. It never seems to end.

If you have an XV-1s, tell me why the decision I made today, to order an XV-1s, was the right choice

The XV-1s seems to endure, as does the DV 507 arm.

Your thoughts.
Well for one the XV-1s has not been around since 2000.

The XV-1 has that title. I bought my first one in 2001.
They are more similar than different, but do sound different.

You will either luv the relaxed natural feel to the cartridge or like some others find that it does not have enough sonic fireworks and go elsewhere.
The XV-1 is for long term muiscal satisfaction if you like dyna's view on music
The XV-1s has a more sophisticated and refined character than the Shelter 9000 and 90X. It is a very seductive phono cartridge.

I have no business interest in either line.

Thanks for the reply, I got my information on the Audiogon listing of models databased. It was probably just a slip on their part, they show the XV-1s as first available in 2000.
I had ordered an XV-1s a year ago, then cancelled it, in favor of a Koetsu Platinum Signature Jade; which is still in the box, waiting and waiting----to be heard.

My original thought was to purchase, both the Xv-1s mono and stereo units, to install in the DV 507 MK II that I purchased a year ago.

The Idea has been revisited, and I will now look for the mono version to acommodate the classical mono LPs I have.

Being in Richmond Va. our local group, the Richmond Audio Society, has a "SIG," special interest group. It is devoted to vinyl afficianatos.

Yesterday we spent 6 hours playing, mainly mono recordings on both a mono, Lyra, and stereo XV-1s. We also listened to the same music on mono and stereo discs.

I brought Toscanini , 9 Bethoven Symphonies.I had 2 recordings, one original from 1956, a later re-issue . We qued them both up at the same time on 2 identical tables, one with the Lyra, one with the XV-1s. We noticed differences on the top and botton end. Switching records resulted in the thought that the mono sounded better on the mono cartredge. We also noticed that the re-issue sounded better in some circumstances than did the original.

Yesterdays meeting showed me that the sonics can be changed as much by the recording, original or re-issue, as by a change in gear.

Audio groups are GREAT!! Had we not run the round robin test of yesterday, my only thought would've been on cartridges. I now have another direction to persue.

The XV-1s mono will be my next purchase.



I've read many of your postings over the past years. Making a living in the high end audio world, maintaining a reputation for an opinion on that which you don't sell, but advocate, is rare. Thanks for your re-enforcment in my purchase.