XTZ Divine 100.49 and subwoofers

Has anyone heard the XTZ Divine 100.49's or subwoofers? If so, how did they sound to you? What was used to drive them?
They seem to have good parts and adjust ability for the price.
A few months back, HiFi World reviewed a complete XTZ system (amps, cd player, and speakers) and rated the system pretty highly. If I remember the summary correctly, the system offered very good value for the money.

I own an XTZ cd player (Divine CD 100) that I am very pleased with. Norwegian design, Chinese manufactured. With that said, very well built, good engineering design, and quality parts. I have been using it for the last 3 or 4 months now. It replaces a Rega Apollo, which I am using in another system, and I did not give up anything in the switch.

If you email XTZ, the owner will email you back. He may be able to email you the HIFi World review.