XTZ Alpha (100.49) Divine floorstanding speaker buying recommendation

Hi all,

I am planning to sell my Focal 936 and also upgraded my Devialet from 120 to 250 (around 200 watts on 8 ohms per channel). I was really resolved into buying Atohm GT1 SE or Kef LS50 and downsize for the next months until I find the right moment to buy a good-deal flagship. 

Meanwhile browsing the used market. 

There is a guy who is selling his floorstanding from XTZ that is worth $8000 for $3000. Apparently, it is a flagship that combines tech worth price of $20,000 mainstream competitions. So this one at $8000 new is like absolute value, and going $3000 is like the poor man's dream. 

Has anyone heard it ?
Can you guys please lecture me from its specs how it could sound?
Finally, this is a tri-wired speaker, would my normal speaker cables work without distortion ? 

Thanks to you all in advance
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Supposed "dollar value" means so little in the audio world, as I have found out from experience in the past. Don't be dazzled by what they originally sold for, or what someone says they are worth. Find a way to hear them first.
Using tri-wireable speakers with single wires doesn't cause distortion. It may not be the best sounding option, and it may be just fine.
Good Luck!