XTZ 100.49???????

Has anyone heard the XTZ 100.49?
That isn't a dealer.
If so:
Sound quality?
Amp(s)/Pre used?
Any comparisons?
They seem to have very good parts etc and the Euro reviews are good.
Thanks and Happy listening.
I have not heard the speakers. I own the XTZ CD player, Divine 100, which I purchased direct from the company. I dealt directly with the president who was a super, accommodating person to deal with. Product was sent from China to my apartment. I did all this sight unseen based on a review in Hi Fi World, where the reviewer purchased the review sample. Agree with your assessment that products are well built and use good parts.

Actually the best XTZ speakers are the XTZ 99.26 mkII & 93.23 speakers. I heard them 2 years ago.
There alot like the Wilson Sophia's with a Ribbon tweeter.
They sound great. Plus they look gorgeous in the black gloss.
Here's a pic.