XTC Room Analyzer

With regard to the XTC analyzer, what is the difference between this, and putting two unidirectional mics (my Sure SM58s?) pointed at each speaker, feeding this through some DAC into two digital tracks on my computer, and doing an FFT in Matlab to look for frequencies with obvious accentuation? Am I understanding XTC correctly? What more is there to it?

XTZ. It uses sweep tones, can handle multiple measurement sites, has the math automated, generates time-decay as well as FR and can synthesize corrective filters. Nothing that a sophisticated Matlab user cannot do, of course, but faster and easier.

BTW, are your SM58s calibrated?

Thanks Kal. Yeah, the XTZ sounds like a good deal then. Can the standard one for a couple hundred to all that or do I need the Pro II model?

I wouldn't relish learning how do code all that myself, even if the libraries are there in matlab.

SM58s calibrated? I bought them 10 years ago, don't even remember where, but I think I bought them new. If new and they were never used, do I need them calibrated? Does it cost more than the mic itself?

My music career has been in a rather extended developmental process :-).

1. You should look at the XTZ site (and/or my review in Stereophile) to see the differences between the models.

2. Yes, if you are going to do any FR measuring with a microphone, it should be calibrated. I believe you can have it done for less than $100@. However, I do not believe that it is worth doing for the SM58 as they are basically not suited to this application (above the bass).
Thanks, Kal...wondered if that was you. We chatted neuroscience at Stereophile in LA in 95 I think. I was a lowly grad student then, am tenured now :-).

Congratulations. Buy yourself a present.

It looks like you have reviewed a few analyzers. If you then tried putting the resulting curve into a parametric or other EQ device, and can you comment on whether there is an effective EQ that will not have detrimental effects on the overall system's sound quality?

Thanks. This one would be tough to get an answer to. You are in a unique (and enviable) position, having the opportunity to listen to many components.

I have reported on the use of XTZ filter curves with the Classe and Rotel processors.

Thanks much.