XTC Remasters

Just curious if anyone has gotten any of the XTC remasters and which ones show the most/least sonic improvement over the original CD issues.

The MF gold disc of Skylarking is a definite improvement in most areas over the standard release. At first, you may think the recording is compressed or just lowered in volume. But, upon more listening you realize that the dynamic range is simply greater and XTC has tones and textures hidden within the mix that were shadowed on the earlier disc. On the MF the soundstage is narrow(er?) but deep, with exact placement of instruments and more defined space between. On "Man Who Sailed Around His Soul" the regular disc opens well with clean transients and placement, but then the soundstage collapses when more demanding instruments kick in. With the MF, the 'stage stays put through all passages. Bass may be a little deeper, too. A great disc.

I've seen Oranges & Lemons on MF gold, but I don't have it yet--anyone heard it?
Thanks for your input on the MFSL discs, Doug. I was more thinking about the regular Virgin remasters, but am interested in those as well.

I guess with the lp remaster 2x45 set you have to rethink how good the mofi release really is. This set should be in everyones stocking this year
Skylarking actually was discovered to be  recorded out of phase. An in phase recording has been released and it is spectacular. The one thing is the bass limes on the in phase recording is uber.