xStream speaker cables and B&W 804s

I was wondering if anyone has experience with a combo like this? I have heard the B&Ws described as bright (I love them as they are) and I have heard the Xstream bi-wires described as warm. I am thinking the combo might be a good balance. My other thought is a set of Wireworld Equinox 5s, but not bi-wire. I have a Parasound preamp and amp with Wireworld Polaris 5 interconnects.

Any comments appreciated.
I love my N802's also, but I think a lot of people are just using possibly bright sounding preamp's or power amp's. I am currently using the PS Audio Xstream statements bi-wire on the N802's and they sound excellent. Remember, a lot of how your 804's as well as other speakers are going to sound depends on the quality of the recording, the B&W's will just let thru how it actually sounds. However, if your trying to tame them, copper wires would be the way to go along with a room with heavey drapes, furniture, and a proper position of the speaker's. What ever you do, ignore any advice from a certain judy on this site as she's a well known B&W basher and thinks people who make speakers in their garages are the way to go. Good luck to you and feel free to e-mail me anythime if you want to. Uriah
Unless you place some electronics in your speaker wires or go to an unusually resistive cable or incredibly long lengths then you are unlikely to change the sound of your system by changing speaker wires.

In order to sound warm the cables would need to modify the sound, which would require some kind of filter like you have inside your speakers ( a crossover for example).

My two cents: If you want your speakers to sound less bright then I would recommend to try a graphic equalizer or tone controls or changing room coverings ....carpets and wall rugs will tone done the treble significantly.
I use Synergistic Research Signature 10 Bi-Wire with my N803 and am happy with the results.
I own 804s and agree they can sound a little bright and bass shy with the wrong partnering equipment. These are indeed transparent sounding speakers and what you feed them is what you get. As I slowly upgraded my cabling and electronics I found the 804s enhanced the refinement of these changes. Its all about creating a synergy and as you suggested finding cabling, components and even room acoustic treatment, etc that complement and counter balance for a sound you prefer. Consider home audition of the Xtream and other cables if you can. I did find copper cabling more pleasing. I'd also seriously consider looking into other options with your source and amps. As I found these speakers improved remarkably with better quality electronics.

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I have a similar set up to yours. I have both 804s and Thiels. Both of these speakers are sometimes considered bright. I switched from x-stream bi wire to Wirworld Polaris single wire. The wire world cable improved the resolution, depth, bass response, dynamic range, and sound stage of my systems. I suggest that you add Polaris to your system. It is a substantial improvement over PS audio x-stream.
Thanks for all the advice. And I have seen Judy's posts, she's a trip! I do believe that speaker wire can influence the sound of your system. It may not make your speakers better or worse, but the wire can certainly influnce what the speakers see in signal and thus influence how the speaker sounds.

The bi-wires are on such an insane price cut I may go with them for now. I have been very happy with Wireworld interconnects, but I am not sure I can swing the cost for Polaris just yet and I think the Equinox are maybe not up par with the rest of my system.

Thanks again.
Check out "Absolute Sounds" April/May 2004 review of numerous speaker cables. After reading it I made a pair of 10 ga - copper biwire cables. Results were outstanding ..... bass response increased and overall sound stage improved as well. Inexpensive improvement with big dividends. Running 804s with Bryston 4BSST amp. I never would have believed it if I had not read it first and then made a pair.
I have an 8 foot pair of the x Stream Statements for sale, I rate them a 9/10. Have both bananas and spades, boxes and velvet bags. $400.00 plus shipping obo, retail was $900.00, Brian

04-16-08: Yesrogers
I have an 8 foot pair of the x Stream Statements for sale, I rate them a 9/10. Have both bananas and spades, boxes and velvet bags. $400.00 plus shipping obo, retail was $900.00, Brian

You can get the new xStream Reference 8' biwire from underwood for about the same price!