XRCDs. Which ones would you recommend me?

Looking for great music on XRCD. Any suggestions? Thanks. Marvin.
Ella Fitzgerald and Nelson Pass- " Take Love Easy"
I have over 30 of those babies. Not a bad one in the lot. Depends on the kind of music you like. Go to their website, check out the titles, and give your credit card a workout. You WILL NOT be disappointed. I love 'em. I'm a jazz man. All the Ella, btw, are super. I've got them all. peace, warren
The Art Tatum Group Masterpieces with Ben Webster. Just a fantastic record.
Of course anythingn by Sonny Rollins or Bill Evans Trio...
Marvin, sorry for intrude. Just one question, which have better sonics, XRCDs or the HDCD from Reference Recordings? just curious. Thanks.
This one is going to be tough to find but the sound is spectacular: Hell Freezes Over by the Eagles. It was only available for a short time. I'm not a huge Eagles fan but the sound quality of this XRCD is impressive.
Chriskeating wrote: Ella Fitzgerald and Nelson Pass- " Take Love Easy"

Nelson Pass? Really?
JVC XRCD Dire Straits Brothers in Arms. Couldn't
believe the improvements over the original Warner
Brothers or even the better sounding Vertigo disks.