XRCD: to be or not to be...

How are these new xrcds? I see them on various websites. Pricey. Are they worth it? I could get, for example, Bill Evans Waltz for Debbie for $26.99. Is that a rip or the going rate? I own the regular cd. Will the new format do it? How about, compared to, say, 20 bit remastering ones? Anyone with experience re the xrcd would be appreciated. Thanks in advance guys. warren
Well, I already see that Tower Records has them for significantly less. About $23 or so. Still, I need your feedback...peace... warren
Oh yes they are worth it! I actually have a non-standard release(I think it may even be the analog productions) of Waltz for Debbie and just got the XRCD and the XRCD puts the other one to shame. I have many XRCD's and many more are on the way- the Japanese Import XRCD2's are IMO the best sounding CDs I have ever heard- though there are only a few of them out there. There are also FIM and Sheffield XRCD's that sound outstanding, the original XRCD and XRCD2's are a must have in a collection in particular if you are a digital only sorta guy. I know for a while music direct was offering 4 for $100 not a bad deal, every time I order I always make sure I pick up 4 or 8 at that price. My only complaint is there aren't many titles available so it isn't hard to get all the stuff you want quickly- though they just seem to keep releasing more and more. So yes get waltz for debbie and AB it with the standard issue you will never look back- then get a Japanese import(I think there are only 5 choices) and be blown away! Your audio aero will thank you :)
For what it is worth, I find the XRCD version of Bill Evans' Waltz for Debbie better than the "regular" 20-bit remaster (and I have not heard the new 24-bit XRCD version), enough so that if I had to buy a new copy, I would buy the XRCD. This may say as much about the album as XRCD as I am not sure I would spend the extra cash on all XRCDs vs 20-bit remasters (though Jacintha and Sonny Rollins' Saxophone Colossus were also better on XRCD). FWIW, I find the recent Analogue Productions SACD version of Waltz For Debbie as good as or better than the 20-bit XRCD.
yes they are way better than the original,i have a few of them,BUT STAY AWAY FROM "AUTUM IN SEATTLE"it is the wors ever recording ever ,you hear a noise(electronic noise)
i sent back the cd to FIM and the owner told me that the noise was coming from the recording tape that they use during the recording session.the noise is very disturbing and is not subtle.so other than that XRCD are fantastic
XRCD is as good as 16/44 gets. I'm a vinyl nut, and I find myself still enjoying an XRCD now and then.
XRCD - $25 are great, XRCD2 - $40 a disc is a rip! I only have one XR2 disc and really can't say how much better it is than the original XR format. My point is, why do I only have one disc? How many can you buy at $40 a pop.
Tubemiser- The only discs that are $40 are the Japanese Import XRCD2's and there are only 5(that I know of) Japanese imports- and there are MANY XRCD2's out there and they are the same price as the original's.
How do the DDC Jazz discs stack up? I have quite a few and love most of them. What about compared to XRCD? Shit, this going to get expensive. Not that it hasn't already. Thanks for your feedback guys. Especially you Scott! You be da Jazzman....peace, warren
Thanks TGuy for the info. I will seek out other titles on XR2, I do have a dozen or so XRCDs, love them. But nevertheless, the $40 dollar ones are expensive. The $40 dollar disc I have is one by Nat King Cole, Stardust is to die for.