xrcd 24 - someone did digital right

i got my first two xrcd 24 discs today.the musicality of these discs is remarkable. sacd & dvd audio should take a lesson. i have always felt the need to listen to digital much louder than analog. however, with xrcd24,i find myself turning down the volume & enjoying the performance more. "girl talk" by the tsuyoshi yamamoto trio & "landscape" by art pepper are both new to my collection, so i dont have the standard versions to compare. other than a slightly larger than life bass,i find the sound to be very analog sounding. any other recommendations in the initial releases? back to the music!
Too expensive and not enough titles. I have been trying to select a title(classical) that interests me but so far I have been unsuccessful. I have perused both Tower Records and Elusive Disc's web site and can't find a single title. Are there other places to look.
I'm listening to Sarah Vaughan's "Send in the Clowns" as I am writing. It is really special. Happy listening.
Czbbcl, try www.elusivedisc.com & www.amusicdirect.com
I buy the Japanese jazz xrcd selections from the Three Blind Mice label at these sights. I have not looked for classical titles, but it's worth a look. Elusive is a very good site for vinyl in that catagory if you are interested.

Have you tried the xrcd web-site for a complete listing? The url is below:

I have a few dozen XRCD's from Pop/Rock, Jazz and classical recordings, they are all good for what they are- no denying that. But SACD on the right front end will not only run toe to toe with XRCD but on high quality DSD recordings blow XRCD out of the water. They are expensive and some are VERY short, making it hard to decide which ones to get.
Rich, thanks for the list - very useful!
But Tireguy: High5harry wasn't talking about standard XRCDs.
Thanks for the recommendations..........I will peruse these sites and see if I can find something. I am excited to try one as I am sure they sound better than redbook CD's.

Thanks, Chuck
Wait until some smart guy figures out how to combine XRCD mastering techniques with SACD technology, then, no doubt, we'll have something very special.
i think sony corporation should hire socrates & tire guy. xrcd-sacd would be the cats meow. here's my twisted logic,i must have 60 cd's i won't listen to,just because of the inferior sound. if i could have 30 great sounding cd's for the same amount of money,i would be thrilled!