XP25 vs Reference Phono 2 SE

Has anyone compared these two wonderful phono stages? I have heard the Pass in the context of an all Pass system and was impressed. Would be upgrading from a Herron unit and wonder if maintaining a tube unit, even with the non tubey 6H30 tubes would be a benefit to my otherwise solid state system. If you own either of these units I would like to hear from you and what you considered before purchase.
Try the Whest PS.30RDT, SE version &/or the Ref V.

I have the PS.30RDT into an XP-20...sounds amazing.

James Henriot (owner) is really helpful.
If you want to spend that kind of money IMHO it would be a shame if you only looked at those two great phono stages. There are many more you should look/listen at like.

Van Den Hul Grail (SB)
Not having heard either I would chose the Pass simply from a system synergy stand point and given the fact you heard it and liked it. Which Herron (VTPH-2 or and older model) do you have now?

I've only heard this ARC unit at shows, where it sounded very good. I've lived with an XP-25 for a year and a half. Its higher 76db SS gain setting is very quiet--which has been useful in handling LOMC cartridges down to .05mV and .06mV without a SUT(Ortofon MC2000 and Stanton 981LZS.) Does the ARC use a SUT to get to 74db?.
If you have the chance, you may want to try a dual Pass Xono set up (using 2 sets of Xonos, and only use one channel on each), I think you will have a pleasant surprise.

In a phono shootout among my group last year, we ranked the dual Xono right up there with the ARC Ref2 SE.
To answer the question above, I have the Herron VTPH-2. My table is the basis 2500 signature with a Vector 4 arm and my cartridge is Ortofon Winfeld. My biggest concern is that because I have a solid-state preamble, whether I will miss having a tube phono preamp if I go to the solid-state unit
Mark at Reno Hi-FI will let you audition the Pass unit in your system before deciding to purchase.