XM radio tuner for home

I want to run XM radio through my two channel system. Was wondering if anyone could recommend a tuner.
I am currently using the Delphi boom box conversion which, as I am sure you know, leaves a lot to be desired.
I have seen a little on the Polk Audio unit.
Other than that, I'm clueless.

I have read a lot of good press on the Polk unit and if I were to go the XM route, that is probably the unit that I would buy. I might also be tempted to upgrade the bedroom receiver and purchase a Yamaha 657, which is XM-ready.

I went the Sirius route, as there were a number of programs that I wanted to listen to (Howard Stern; Wrestling Observer; Elvis 24/7). No manufacturer has come out with a tuner, like the Polk. Instead, I purchased the Tivoli table radio and hooked it up to my stereo via the headphone jack ... not ideal, but it works well enough.

Regards, Rich
Mike, xm now on direct tv, I am going to try running cables from audio outs on box to system, hope that helps.
Also helps if u have direct tv. Regards, Mike
The Polk unit sounds great. been using it for several months now.
Another vote for the Polk XM tuner. For better results try using a D/A and it will get you a few notches closer to cd quality.
I would recommend using the coax digital out on the Polk. I had the pleasure of listening to the Polk tuner linked to the digital input on an Accuphase DP-65 and it sounded fantastic.
Have had this up and running a few days now and I am totally delighted with the XM Broadcasts and the Polk XRT12 Tuner. The Yamaha T 1 tuner is now retired, not because of failure or poor performance. But because of the poor AM and FM stations in the area. None of them broadcast programs that interest me in the least. On the XM have found several channels that play precisely what I am looking for and with better quality. I particulary like Real Jazz 70, Watercolors 71, XM Cafe 45, and The Loft 50. Subscription costs is $12.95 a month or about .43 cents a day at this point, well worth the expenditure to get the music I want. The current price of the Polk XRT12 tuner is $249.00 and a $20.00 rebate currently applies until June 30,2006. It is priced very right, for its overall price/performnce ratio in todays market.

Using the Polk XRT 12 tuner. This is the first home audio tuner made for audio systems and fits right in with other components in the rack. Set up was a breeze and the unit is quite easy to use. It sounds fabulous and in the future may use the outboard dac feature.

I like the display settings that allow one to select the larger scroll screen option. Very helpful when recording to Mini Disc music I want to save for the libaray. Plus one can save up to 20 selections for playback later, for me another useful feature.

There has been some carping on the use of the word reference in describing the Polk XRT Tuner. When the word reference is used in audio, it simply means that this is sota for the time. As the Polk XRT12 is the only home based audio tuner on the market at this time,the term reference can be applied. The Polk XRT 12 cannot be judged against conventional AM/FM tuners as the Polk is a satellite receiver.

Others may come along in the satellite tuner field with their products and the Polk XRT 12 will be the reference to those. Other products may be better or worse than the XRT 12, but that remains to be evaluated. I feel sure that this medium will be expanded by other manufacturers in the near future. Reference means simply "refer to" there will always be better or lesser products, than a reference product and the better ones will set the standard for a new reference. But until that happens the Polk XRT12 is the current reference as a home audio based satellite component and should not be compared to car based satellite tuners or the traditional AM/FM analog home tuners. The Polk XRT 12 must be based on its own merits as the current reference in this medium. Like all genesis products it is clearing the path for future satellite home based tuners.

I for one applaud Polk Audio for bringing this to the market place and look forward to better and better home based satellite tuners in the future.