XM radio no longer commercial free

XM radio is now no longer playing uninterrupted music. They are now putting in little ads that I find very annoying. I want music only available for 24/7 that I’m paying for. I will play it at home, then just as I start enjoying the music at what I call a good listening level, the song will end and on comes one of their little announcements about what ever. I just had enough of it, shut it off and put on my own CD’s that has no talking. I find it hard to pay for something that is not what they advertise. We have it in the car and it recently became available through DirecTV which no longer offers the Music Channels that were commercial free. I wrote to complain to both and got automated responses. What ever happened to the human being that would reply when a customer has a concern or ask for what you are paying for.

I hope they get many complaints and maybe they would return to uninterrupted music.

Sorry but I had to vent………..
I agree with everything you said. I had XM for my car via a Roady2 receiver. I got tired of paying for their "commercial free" service and cancelled. I wish that Direct TV had kept their music channels and not switched to XM.
I like Sirius. They have DJ's which add a nice touch to the music. No automated music loops. I have it in my car and thru Dish at home.
Well thank you;somebody whom shares my opinion. I am a D* subscriber so I only get 65 of the stations. I MUCH prefer the music choice stations we used to get. I too get annoyed at the talking/ whatever, not to mention the volume goes up xs 2/3 for this talking. --- My favorite station was 829. I could just leave it there for hours on end. Now we have 3 classic C&W stations that never seem to play the songs I like. I'm constantly changing the station then just turning the thing off.-- Since day one, I have been thinking of going back to cable to get what I used to get.---And I thought it was just me.
I thought it was just me also; but, I have Serius and it's just as bad! I find all the talking from the DJ?s kinda like someone in your car who talks anytime the music stops. But I don't have control of when the next song starts to keep them quite, they have the remote control instead. Also, I consider them continually promoting their other channels advertising that I am paying for. Find it annoying to keep hearing someone promoting Martha Stewarts 24/7 channel on the rock channels!
The sports channels are worse, I get to hear the same commercials 4 times evry 15 minutes (Not Kidding)!
Would not recommend to anyone out there considering the purchase.
I love XM radio and compared to FM broadcasting there is no choice. I listen to XMU, The Loft, XM Cafe, and Fine Tuning and I have not heard these commercials you are talking about. I was disappointed though with Direct Tv only allowing to receive all the XM channels if you have a package plus or higher package. Sirius radio is being run by Mel Karmazin who ran Infinity broadcasting. Look how Infinity sounds like now on FM radio. Mel Karmazin will do the same and commercials will follow. How else will they pay for Howie's contract starting January. Ilove XM radio and I only have high praises for them.

I won't subscribe to any radio service. The idea of paying for something which before was free (AM,FM with commercials), vs. satillite (monthly fee plus commercials)is unappetizing at best. It won't be long before the commercial time on satillite consumes most of the programming just as it does on AM/FM. Consumers should protest by canceling their subscriptions in mass and refusing to be a party to such a scheme.
When DirecTV came out with the news of the switch and I decided to wait on making the plunge into satellite radio until I could sample XM - and I'm sure glad I waited. I've now heard XM via DirecTV and Sirius during a trip to NY & back and am sure glad I never signed up. Hafta agree that Music Choice had a much better playlist, too - at least for me. I find the XM equivalents are just flat-out irritating.

The other kinda hard part to admit is that I've also had a broadband connection (for work - yeah, that's the ticket...) and am now suddenly seriously considering just dumping DirecTV and switching to total landline. We'd lose a little (mostly extraneous) programming but the cost would go down. After listening to XM for 3+ weeks I do wonder about how this could be as popular as it seemed?

I want my, I want my Music Choice...
Thanks for your responses ... I was considering a subscription because commercial radio is so bad and I'm starting to get into classical with not much in my collection to choose from yet. I thought it would help me to select musical pieces I like without buying a bunch of music I wont listen to. I have Comcast music channels but you don’t get much of a selection - I thought Serius would fill the void.


Send that to them in an email ...

The Horse
I'm with Texan on Sirius. Who needs DJ's and self-promotion? The incessant annoying babble between a few songs is awful! I'm paying for music! Commercial free music! Also, Sirius changed their line-up a couple of months ago and eliminated my favorite channel -- Folktown -- and substituted another -- The Coffee House -- which bears no resemblance to the former.
Additionally, the music played is the same stuff over and over. If you're listening to classic rock stations -- there's about ten and they all overlap so I can hardly tell the difference -- they keep playing the same songs that were "hits" over and over. With all that time and that many stations, how about playing all the other songs on the great albums?
Another case of the promise of a great idea turning into the same commercial crap culture that has come to dominate American life.
I didn't even know I had Sirius on my Dish programming until a teenager found it. I'm now hooked on "standards" channel(shows my age). On the Jams channel they play the Dead but at night you have to listen to Bill Walton's drug induced rambling-sometimes for 10 minutes- between songs. Elvis channel is cool. "Deep Cuts" plays more obscure songs from various artists- the kind you don't hear on the usual "classics" stations. At least now they put the Christian stations in one group. I could see them dropping the dish music stations and charging us less. I haven't listened to them since I found Sirius. Dan
I'm non-commercial and an extraordinary music listener. First three months i had XM service free in my new Suburban and than I pay for that no more.

XM radio helped me to develop new different artists another words overwhelmed me with loads of different information while I had a free trial.

As to DJs I usually listen to WFMU (wfmu.org) FM radio station that has DJs. Their DJs drive the program the way that lousy artists sound real cool.

Ironically, I have Comcast cable with Music Choice.
I love Music Choice, BUT I TOO find that they do alot
of repeating the same song/artist every 4-6 hours.
I DO like the fact that we have a choice like
Siruis and XM, BUT I DON`T have either because
I REFUSE to pay $10-12 a month, WHEN I could
spend that money on a new CD.
I only listen to Music Choice
Area Rock, and sometimes, I listen to
Classic Rock, 80`s and rarly Heavy Metal.
The Metal station USED to be good back in 1996-97
when it was called DCR Digital Cable Radio.
NOW, they play too much srceaming music,
Mudvange, Disturbed crap. I PAID for that service
back then, BECAUSE the regular local radio stations
were still playing that ALT. music crap,
Toad the wet sprocket, Spin Doctors crap, so I
had NO CHOICE! In Chicago, we have
97.9 The Loop, and that`s it. And in Indiana we have
103.9 XRock and that`s it. So, Music Choice is better
than NO CHOICE. YOU`RE better off just buying the
CD`s and ripping them to a CD-R to play in the car!
I have been an XM subscriber since they first they began and have it in my car, in my bedroom, and now on my main system through DirecTV. I listen mostly to the Jazz channels and deep tracks. Yesterday they had an awesome inteview with W. Marsalis on Real Jazz. I also listen on my PC at work. I get to hear and see the name of artist and song for a lot of music that is very instructive. The interuptions are minute, especially compared to FM radio. Also, ability to have always available weather and traffic updates and access to national news in the car (FOXNEWS, CNN, ABC) is a big plus as well. Long live XM.
I've been a Dish Network subscriber for over 7 years and I really like their music channels. I must admit that I don't listen to a lot of the rock or classical channels but I find the jazz and new age to be very good.
When we moved to a house with the dual LNB dish, I discovered Sirius and became addicted to the new wave channel. I haven't heard any commercials on any of the Sirius channels that are carried on Dish. I will say that if they messed too much with the music channels they carried, I would probably drop Dish Network.
I checked their website and pretty much any channel that I would want to listen to was listed as 100% commercial free. What channels are they inserting ads into?
I have XM in the car, and love it. The only station I listen to regularly that has commercials is the comedy station. When they come on, it gives me a chance to explore some new music on another station. Around 200 roam-free stations for approx. $10/month, I call that a bargain. The best I ever had. (Enter Keith Moon drum fill)
I am not sure what channel you are listening to but I have never heard a commercial on it. There are 68 music channels that are commercial free. It's weard that you hear commericals, I don't. Love the music and love XM.

PS the music channels are below channel 110.