XLR wiring question?

if your balanced XLR cables are configured to European wiring Standards and you use them on American wiring standard equipment will a low level hum result? Thanks
Nope, but the signal phase will be out 180 degrees.
Huh-- does that apply to Van den Hul the Second? I use it on occasion: should I be switching one end of the L/R connectors?
The cables are wired the same. It's the equipment that's different. They reverse the positive and negative. So, even if the wire was reversed it wouldn't matter because it would be reversed on both ends.
Oops, after reading your question more carefully, you have nothing to worry about. The European and American Wiring Standards both use pin 1 for ground. As long as pin 2 connects to pin 2 and pin 3 to pin 3 at both ends of the cable, your XLR interconnect cannot distinguish itself as either American or European standard. As long as the input and output on the equipment follow the same standard, ANY correctly wired XLR cable will work as intended.