XLR Volume Pot - for dedicated Sub amp

I have a preamp with 2 pairs of outputs. Looking to use one pair feeding a dedicated amp to power passive subwoofers.

Here's the catch - I want to adjust the gain feeding into the amp so I can dial in the added bass from these passive subwoofers relative to bass content in the music

I was going to DIY a small aluminum case having a pair of XLR inputs and a pair of XLR outputs.

I prefer a stereo pot.

What type of XLR pot do I use to adjust signal gain for the Emotiva XPA-200 amp? I see some pots have K - Ohms. What do value should I use?
Can you mention brand, model #, website?

Thank you
GoldPoint Passive preamp


Best of luck

Scott Endler Attenuators
I checked around on the web and thinking the Scott Endler stepped attenuators are my best option relative to cost. Not looking to blow a lot of money here.

I had seen his website years ago and forgot about it. Thanks for mentioning his name.

I was thinking of a second approach in using an LPAD on the speaker itself but someone mentioned that using an LPAD effects damping factor and as a result the woofers may not controlled as well.
The more I reduce volume the greater the effect of loosing woofer control

Can anyone confirm this and explain this effect if in fact it is true??????
Hi Pdspecl

Would the Emotiva Control Freak help out in your situation?

The Emotiva control freak is looks exactly like what I need. Reasonably priced too. THANK YOU!!!!! :)