XLR to RCA plugs or cable

I need to be able to plug the output from a phono stage in balanced mode (XLR plugs) into a single ended (RCA plugs) amp. My options are:

1. Buy Neutrik converter plugs (solid and good value)

2.  Buy Cardas converter plugs 6 times neutrik price

3. buy a custom XLR to rca cable?


@vthokie83 + 1

I would add Audio Envy to this list.  I had a 1M pair of O'Nestian interconnects made with XLR on the source end and RCA on the destination to run from my DAC to my headphone amp.  Price was < $200, if memory serves.  Very solid performers for the price point.


Here's another article on the subject, and here's a quote from it:

If you need to connect a +4 output to a -10 input (12dB too hot), then you’ll need a pad (a resistor network) to drop the output voltage.

Understanding Signal Levels in Audio Gear

Radial J+4 2-channel Signal Level Driver

I have decided to get a custom made pure silver cable with XLR's at one end RCA's on the other.

@lohanimal ask if pin 1 and 3 are being connected to the RCA shell, or just pin 3 please.

@lohanimal - what custom cable did you end up ordering?  I am trying to connect a KAB RF1 rumble filter between amp and phonostage.  I bought a pair of XLRF-RCA and XLRM-RCA (Mogami) from Amazon and it works fine.  However, I might go down the silver cable route like you.