XLR to RCA Adaptor Available ???

I have some very good XLR Balanced interconnects.
Rather than sell them used for a huge loss can I purchase a adaptor that can convert it for single ended (RCA) use?
The Rat shack has adaptors that convert XLR to 1/4" Phone plugs that I guess I could get another adptor that converts it again to RCA, bit that sounds messy.
Does anyone know where a adaptor exits that I can purchase ?
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The two most popular quality XLR to RCA adaptors are made by Balanced Audio Technology and Purist Audio. Hop on their website to get a better understanding of what they have to offer. Most people feel there is little or no sonic degradation using connctors from either PAD or BAT. You see them come up used here every so often, post a wanted ad, chances are you'll pay $50 to $75 for a pair.
I tried the Rat shack solution and the results were terrible. Too much signal loss. If you're stumped you can fabricate your own from parts from Michael Percy Audio.
The Enlightened Audio Design Theater Master 8 comes with 2 balanced to RCA connectors. you could enqiure with them where they get their connectors.
I have an extra pair of adapters that converts the XLR to RCA. I have the XLR cables which I like over many other cables. When I upgraded my preamp which has all RCA connectors, I use the adapter to connect to my preamp and found no degradation.
Go to milestek.com - they have just about every type of adapter you could name including xlr to rca male and female - each sells for about 10-12 a piece. They would be listed under Interseries adapters. You can also order a catalog. The phone number is 1-800-524-7444.