Is there a way to use XLR cables with RCA inputs? An adapter or something? I know I can use RCA cables to XLR inputs through BAT adapter, but what about this way?
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yes, there are plenty of adapters, as has been pointed in prior threads. check your pro sound (guitar and other amplified instuments) store. -kelly
Stealth made some cables for me cheap: XLR to RCA for my BAT VKD5SE to ARC SP9. They sound better to me than the same gear RCA to RCA via Nirvana, PAD & SR cablers I had on hand. jon
Hi Jadem6, I ordered a bunch of different combinations of RCA to XLR,male to female and vise versa etc.from milestek.
The connectors are swiss made neuprik
here's the link
-hope this helps
It's not that big a deal for most cables that can be used in both single ended and balanced configurations to have an XLR applied to one end, and an RCA to the other. Keep in mind though that it will NOT function as a balanced cable this way, though it will fit both your sockets without being degraded by an adapter.
Great information. Thank-you.