XLR & RCA, which is better for Esoteric DV-60?

I just got a universal player Esoteric DV-60 to replace my Krell KAV-280cd for 2 ch listening in my system.
To me, DV-60 nails Krell 280cd to the wall.

I am currently using RCA type interconnect from DV-60 to pre.
Just wonder if I change to XLR, better or worse.
Any comments?
I own an Esoteric UX-3Pi. The XLR outputs are preferable to me because the dynamics are better, IMO.

Is it simply because the XLR outputs are 6dB louder than the RA outputs? Could be, but I think there's more involved than higher gain.
Thanks, Tvad.
Any particular XLR you would recommend? Nordost, Cardas, etc? Worth for investment?
I use the mid level priced Audioquest XLR on my DV60 into AR Ref 3 pre and I found it seemed to sound better than RCA, not enough to be a life changer but better.
I want to say Colarado but I may be wrong ($600ish if memory serves)
Max_leo, I use either Analysis Plus Crystal Oval or Gabriel Gold Revelation MK 2. At the present time, I'm using the Analysis Plus.

I'm not making a recommendation to you of either, just telling you what I use. Wire is such a subjective topic, that I don't make suggestions about what one should use.
Chadnliz, Tvad
thanks again.
I now have only one set of XLR (Nordost Frey) from pre to power, that's why I want to try from DV-60 to pre.

Will let you all know when the second XLR is avbl.
This will also clear up my doubt on RCA + XLR and XLR+XLR.
I did try XLR cable (Cardas Neutral ref) from DV-60 to pre Simaudio Moon P5.3, then Nordost Frey from pre to power (Moon W-5).
IMO, I feel my RCA (Harmonic Tech Magiclink II) sounds better comparing to the above XLR.

I also heard that XLR polarities on Esoteric differ from those made in USA and Europe. if it's true, not sure this causes lacking of sound stage and liquidity.