XLR & RCA caps

Does anyone use caps on the unused inputs and outputs of your components? can you hear a difference? does anyone use products like audioquests XLR caps? http://www.audioquest.com/audio-enhancements/xlr-noise-stopper-caps
I cover all mine to keep out dust and oxidation. I have the Audioquest and Cardas xlr caps. The Cardas have a better fit but cost more. The rca caps I use are a mixed bag some from AQ and the others are some cheapos from Music Direct. I don't hear any sonic benefit from using these but I think its a good idea to keep things covered as exposed connections will oxidize over time.
12-06-12: Gshepardbuster
I don't hear any sonic benefit from using these but I think its a good idea to keep things covered as exposed connections will oxidize over time.

I agree. I use Audio Additives caps from MusicDirect
Same for me. I have some rubber Neutrik ones I threw in to make up an elecronics order.

That being said, if I could see them from the front, I might go for something expensive.
I have a lot of stuff. I bought 100 caps from a nice seller in Taiwan (who since has vanished from eBay?)
I have to say the addition of over fifty caps to the backs of all my stuff did result in a tiny improvement as a 'blacker background'
The most visible improvement was on my plasma TV, which i added caps to all the unused inputs with RCA connectors.
Audio and video. And on all the unused DVD player connectors.
The screen definitely gained a smoother appearance. less noise/grain.
I wanted to buy some of the XLR caps from that seller, but discover he is gone.
So yeah, i am happy i bought the covers.
I also use power conditioners. The main one a Furman REF 20i and Pangea power cords.
Other things which improve grain and stuff.
Agree with the above. I have used the Cardas RCA and XLR caps for years, (ever since they have been available).
Agree as well. I use Cardas rca and xlr caps. Can't say I hear a difference but like the fact that dust does not get in these openings of my pre and cdp. This is a tweak to buy when you are in the mood to tweak, don't want to spend alot or be disappointed if the tweak does not improve your sound.
I have the cardas caps on rca females on my pre-amps; no change in sound I can detect
After reading the responses, I'm going to look into these caps. Elizabeths comments on how the video images improved goes great lengths to show that though our ears may play tricks on us, our "lying eyes" can discern things more easily and is repeatable.

If video images improve with these, then there has to be something going on with these RCA inputs acting as conduits, of sorts, to some kind of interference which play havoc with the sound.

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Thanks guys, i also bought a bag of 1000 rubber white rca caps from a "seller in Taiwan" and i just picked up really nice rubber XLR cover from Neutrik like Riffer did. they were about $0.50 each. a far cry form 30.00 per pair for audioquest. Also i agree with riffer, these plugs are on the back, if they were visible then i'd look for something like the Cardas. But since the idea is to cover, and rubber is non conductive i don't see how they can be better or worse than Cardas or Audioquest.
When i get everything covered i'll post a pic and let everyone know my findings.
IMO shorting plugs are likely to be a superior alternative to caps for RCA inputs, if in fact either one accomplishes anything at all. (Shorting plugs should not be used on outputs, of course).

Whatever a cap may accomplish, if anything, a shorting plug will also accomplish. In addition, it will essentially short to ground any RFI, noise, or other interference that may be picked up or generated in the circuitry and internal wiring the RCA jack is connected to, from where it might to a small degree couple into the signal path.

Outputs, for which shorting plugs should not be used, are presumably much less susceptible to those kinds of effects than inputs, in part due to the fact that output impedances are usually vastly lower than input impedances.

FWIW, I use inexpensive shorting plugs on unused RCA inputs in my system, although I'm doubtful that they make any difference. If I were to ever use those inputs, I would first treat the RCA connectors with Caig Pro Gold to remove any oxidation or corrosion that may have developed over the years despite (or perhaps because of) the presence of the shorting plug.

-- Al
Thanks for the post and the link. At those prices, it won't break the bank.

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I use caps, but not for any sonic benefit. Just to keep the dust and spiders out!