XLR RCA Adapters in Los Angeles?

I'm in need of some female XLR to Female RCA adapters, and I'd like to pick them up today in Los Angeles, if possible. Anyone have a suggestion for where to buy some?
Leaving in 1/2 hr, driving down to LA, I'll drop them by.

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The only place I know, for sure, that carry XLR to RCA interconnects/adapters are Guitar Centers and other musician stores. Though, the IC's are pretty low quality.
Female to female adapter? Hmmm.

05-31-06: Gunbei
Female to female adapter? Hmmm.
Female XLR and Female RCA jack.
Music stores are your best bet, or wait for Howard.
Is this so you can hook up an RCA interconnect to the XLR male output of a preamp or source? Closest I have is a female RCA to Male XLR adapter for the input of my BAT amp.

Maybe, Rat Shack?
05-31-06: Gunbei
Is this so you can hook up an RCA interconnect to the XLR male output of a preamp or source?
Yup. My source has XLR male connectors. Thanks for your offer.
Tvad, Markertek.com will O/N them to you via USPS Express for $12, they sell the Neutrik ones for a pretty reasonable cost, I have 5 sitting on my desk now, but they won't make it from Florida to LA any time soon.... I plan on keeping them 'just in case'
Try guitar center, Sam Ash or West LA music
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. A friend has loaned me a pair for the time being.
So Howard made it LA in record time?
So Howard made it LA in record time?
Yep, thanks to my wife's driving & no traffic. We're going to the HE2006 show Friday morning. Can't wait to hear the new Tandy monoblocks.
Don't get the cheap quality one from your local music store. I've tried it from my Marantz SA11-S1 to MF A308 cr pre-amp, and it sounds worse than from the RCA output.

I've found the Cardas XLR Adapters from dedicatedaudio.com but they quite expensive ($75 per pair), but they seem very well made.
Handmade Electronics has Cardas XLR/RCA adapters for $24/ea. Also, I recently tried some XLR/RCA adapters from Audiogon seller "inifinity_audio". The inifinity_audio adapters are kind of handy because the RCA plug is wired to the XLR plug with about an inch of braided silver wire. The RCA plug hangs, therefore, and the adapter fits in tighter places where the extra length of one-piece, solid XLR/RCA adapters might be an issue.