XLR/RCA Adapters

I would like some suggestions on where to purchase the Cardas XLR/RCA adapters for Rowland gear, Pin 3 hot. The few places I have talked to don't have any in stock.

Rowland may sell you a set.

I have a set of pin 3 hot (RCA->XLR) that I would like to trade for pin 2 hot, if you like. Rowland shipped pin 3 hot adapters to me for the M201's, which are pin 2 hot. My pre inverts polarity, so I don't worry about it, but it ain't completely kosher.
i purchased a pair of cardas adapters from linear interconnects. don't know if they have 3 pin hot instock, but their service is excellent. www.linearinterconnects.com

aloha keith
Drubin, Galin Carol, www.gcaudio.com, has a set of Pin 2 hot that he 'accidently' purchased, he generally carries Pin 3 hot only. If interested in selling your Pin 3 hot set, drop me an e-mail.

Atagi, thanks, I have been in touch with them and they would have to order a Pin 3 hot set...which it looks like what I'll have to wait for.
Music Direct (amusicdirect.com) can certainly get them for you from Cardas, and I believe The Cable Company (fatwyre.com) can also.