I just bought spkrs with an active cross-over.The cross-over has only RCA and my amp and pre are Levinson with XLR and CAMAC. Would you suggest I buy interconnects that have XLR on one end and RCA on the other. Then purchase Camac adapters. Or get the cables with RCA on both ends which might be easier to sell later on as we upgrade.But I'd still need the adapters.
Thanks, Clavio
I would suggest RCA cabling (for resle) with a good adapter. I have a pair of BAT adapters with male XLR prongs on the adaptor and a female RCA. This would go into your Levinson out. I bought these and found I needed female on the adapter, not male. If they would work for you let me know.
Don't special terminate the cables, you'll regret it later. BAT, Purist, Cardas and Rowland all have excellent adaptors.
Check out th classified for the Audio One adapters . It was just posted.