xlr or rsc i/c's for Luxman D-05

I recently found my D-05 performs much better with Tara Labs RSC Vector 1 RCA i/c's than with cheap balanced i/c's. This seems to be an obvious i/c issue so I'm thinking of upgrading the balanced i/c . I've never believed i/c's make that much difference and I'm still not sure thinking the balanced output of the D-05 may be a more mellow sound. I lack cable access and experience so any advice will be appreciated. I'm looking at the Tara Labs RSC M series, Furutech Evolution II, or Tara Labs ism 2 I've found used.
Good choices. Try to buy/demo in the middle of the line that you like, (best value to improvement.) You may also want to look at Transparent and Acoustic Zen. Excellent reviews. I am in the process myself of choosing an xlr.
Thanks. I agree with your middle of the line advice and I'll look at Transparent and Acoustic Zen. I'm still thinking it may be an issue with my Luxman's xlr output. The only way I'll find out is buy some higher quality xlr's and listen.
Morrow Cables is the only company I've noticed that offers a good trial period to overseas customers. Anybody compared Morrow XLR's to TARA labs or furutech evolution II's?