XLR inverted, is it OK?


I plan to try XLR connection between CD and int. amp.

Unfortunately, just found my CD player with XLR output:
pin 1-> ground,
ping 2-> signal -,
ping 3-> signal +.

and my int. amp has XLR input:
pin 1-> ground,
pin 2->signal +,
pin 3->signal -.

I'm wondering if it's OK to use normal XLR interconnect?
Since I don't think the special ordered inverted XLR cable will have any trial period.

Thanks for help,
It's okay, but absolute signal polarity will be inverted. You can compensate by either reversing + and - speaker wire connections at your amplifier (or at your speaker, but not at both amp and speaker), or flipping a polarity inversion switch on your CD player or preamp (if your equipment has a switch).
Tafka_steve stated this well. Your system may already be inverted and the "inverted cable" may fix this. Also some folks can't hear absolute polarity differences anyway.
The difficulty is that some components do nto deal with this well. It can cause problems electrically if the outputs or inputs are not truly balanced. I had this problem driving a Mark Levinson pre to a CODA amp. Needed to invert the cables.

Many manufacturers will do custom cables for this. I have done a few for customers.