XLR for WADIA 860

Recently I purchased the WADIA 860 with upgrade to replace my Esoteric DV-50 and I need some expert suggestion to which XLR cable should I get for the WADIA. Currently, I have Revel brand XLR. Thanks for your help.
I use CH Acoustics (formally CH Technologies) balanced interconnects, speaker cables and power cords in my system with great results: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?rcabl&1282593547&openmine&zzKrell_man&4&5#Krell_man

I previously used Silent Source cabling. It's also a neutral and fast cable, and does really the Wadia justice too.

The Wadia is a CD Player that I think sounds the best with neutral cables to let it's natural sonic signature show.

NBS Black Label or FMS "Nexus2".

Thanks for the advise. Hopefully I can find some use one.
I would take the Nexus2 for price/value. Outstanding cable. have heard great things about CH cables as Krell_man has mentioned. Also check out Prana Wire. I have Nexus 2 for the record for my Venture CR-8 Signatures.This is an awesome combo so far. And, I get my Wadia S7i w/ GNSC Statement mod next week.Boy-oh-boy, let the good times roll! :)