XLR for BAT VK-3i and VK-200?

I'm looking for interconect between BAT VK-3i and VK-200
(up to $400). Any ideas?
Harmonic Technology's Truthlink XLR works great between my VK-3i and my Classe 15 amp. You should definitely consider auditioning this cable and it's big brother, the Pro-Silway MkII.
I'm very happy with the transparent musiclink ultra between my VK-3i and VK-200.
I am using Van den Hul The Second between Bryston BP-25 and BAT VK-200, and the results are very musical, with good detail but no harshness, lots of air, three dimensionality.
What speakers do you have, Cardas Nuetral Ref or Golden ref is a great choice...I used to have your bat equip, now 50se and vk60.
I have BAT VK50SE and Levinson 33H monos Aerial 10t's. I'm using Transparent Ultra XL with GREAT results.

Cardas Golden Cross. 1 m xlr ~ $425 -Sam
Go for Cardas! Used to own 3i and vk-60. Used Cardas Golden Hexlink 5C - nice, rich and smooth. With vk-200 you'll definitely need the Cardas richness! I've moved to a 30SE and am changing to a Coincident IC. Can make deal if you wish.
I am absolutely thrilled with Audio Magic Spellcaster IIs between my VK-30 and VK-200. They're very detailed, have great bass, and excellent soundstaging and dimensionality. The dynamics and rhythm blow away single ended (which I was able to compare to using the same AM SPII in single ended). Yikes!