XLR Female - RCA Male digital cable

Heres the situation:
I use a Behringer DEQ 24/96 for equalization & such for the stuff I listen to (audience recordings of rock & roll shows). Signal goes from my NAD 521Bee CD Player(Luminous Audio Allegro Digital coax) to Monarchy Audio DIP2 coax input. From the Monarchy I use an Apogee Wide-Eye AES/EBU digital cable to the Behringer. From the Behringer I use an optical cable to my MSB Link DAC...

What I want to acomplish:
Getting rid of the optical connection between the Behringer and the MSB DAC. I figure if I can replace the optical I may get better sound (looking for more bass). Has anyone used a digital cable with XLR connectors on one end and RCA on the other? Would that be a better option that a optical cable?

Thanks for any input!

Richmond VA
If it's a recent LinkDAC, just get the XLR/Balanced input option for it. Great improvment.
You can contact Frank at Signal Cable.

He made me a cable like you describe for the exact same purpose.

Hey George-
Thanks for the reply, How did you think Franks sounded? Ill be replacing an optical cable, so Im sure almost anything will be an improvement.