XLR cables, worth buying higher end?

Planning to switch from rca to xlr, length about a yard.

they will go between a processor and an amp.  Have heard they offer lower noise interference. 

worth paying up for higher end xlr’s?
Yes look at Tara or Purist both great sound.
Buy a nice quality set of used cables and set of the cheapos and compare/contrast. 
It really depends on you equipment, your ears, how critically you listen. You need to have a pretty good system to notice. Now, it will be noticeably louder... but not necessarily a noticeable difference in quality. The volume increase makes it really hard to compare for quality.
I used single ended for 40 years. It was only when my system got to really high level of performance with all ARC stuff... who recommended using XLR as the have all balanced internal design that I finally converted.