XLR cables for component connections, or from preamp to powered subwoofer

I am shopping for my first XLR cables/connectors.  Is it "normal" that conductors within XLR cable are very fine, can be 22AWG ?  That seems so tiny!!  I understand they don't have to be 10 or 12 AWG but...

What are favorites??  I guess I should search again for existing threads but the AWG used in these types of cables still stands...


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There is almost no current carried by interconnects. So the conductors can be very fine without causing losses. It is when Amperes of current are passed -- say in power cords or speaker cables -- that large-gauge conductors are needed.

My favorite XLR cables are those made to order with Neutrik gold XLR connectors and Mogami W2549 cable. You can have them made to order by a pro audio shop (I use ProAudioLA, who do a great job) or find them on Amazon, sold by a company doing business as World's Best Cables.

The above cables have very good shielding. If you need the best possible shielding because of interference, use Mogami W2534 instead.

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I prefer to make my own from pure silver and Neutrik with silver contacts.

Yes, it’s fine if the wires are very thin. The cable I’m recommending is very good but can be brittle. Cheap enough you can build a pair and compare to the Mogami/Neutrik Mike is recommending, above.


Thank yous to @erik_squires ​​​​@mike_in_nc 

My eyesight, dexterity and confidence rules out doing some things I would have attempted a few years back (such as making my own cables).  Your answers were very helpful--and I had already presumed the cables mentioned from Amazon probably would be a fine choice for my location / conditions.

Cheers to all !

IF your equipment utilizes the official balanced wiring scheme (AES47), balanced cables should exhibit little coloration, so there shouldn't be much difference between brands.

I got some inexpensive cables from Ralph Karsten. I think they were Mogami. I needed 25 feet or so.

Years later, I tried some Audioquest- at a much higher cost, only to find they sounded almost identical.



@hz79hc - For components, take a look at Zavfino products that use OCC copper as a minimum e.g.

The Fusion - Solid Pure Silver & OCC Copper - ZavfinoUSA

- these would provide stunning dynamic performance 

- but they only come in 1.5 meter and 2 meter lengths

Regards - Steve



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