XLR cable with warmth without losing resolution

Would like to keep it under $1000ish a metre. 
Not sure if warmth and resolution are considered oxymorons, but I mean I wouldn’t like to lose information but the cable to have a warm tonal signature.

Purist Neptune seems to be a front runner but is pricey , any alternatives or any one with experience on Neptune who can advice?
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Audioquest Earth. This is AQ’s best copper ic that is definitely in the warmish category. List is $1000 pr but discounted quite a bit. Could look for used here. 
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference. It outperformed similar-priced AudioQuest in my setup.
The Wire World Eclipse level is a great recommendation for resolution.  I would not call them "warm" per say, but they are slightly laid back.  Definitely not a bright or forward cable.

Can you make your own cable?  Or know somebody who can do a DIY cable?  Probably about the best combination I can think of is mating a pure solid-core silver wire with the Furutech FP-601 / FP-602 gold-plated XLR connectors.  The Furutech uses a very heavy layer of gold plating which really warms up the sound.  It compensates nicely for the speed of the solid-core silver cable.  I would say this combination is one of the most engaging cables that I have heard.

Some choices of bulk cables:
- Parts Connexion BL-Ag interconnect cable
- Kimber Silver-Streak 19awg balanced (not quite solid core, but very close).
- Get some used pure silver Audioquest interconnects and chop them to put ion Furutech XLR connectors.
- Neotech NE-2001 cable from Sonic Craft.
WyWires. Their entire lineup is copper, no silver. Very natural sounding cables, that have no glare or sound cold like a lot of silver cables. Very organic, open cables that don’t draw attention to themselves.
Kimber Select 1116 which uses Kimber's best copper and is very natural sounding with good (but not overwhelming) harmonics and work well with tubes.  The other cable is a Purist Audio Design Aqueous Luminist.  This is an extremely well shielded cable that is dynamic and very well balanced top to bottom.  I am not sure what your budget is but if you can stretch yourself to the Aqueous Luminist it will be worth your while.
They say in Purist cables different lines have different sound. Unlike other cables where you get more of the same as you go up the line.

which line of purist would have the warmest tonal signature? (Keeping cost considerations aside)
What does one thing have to do with the other? 😳 Besides resolution and warmth are just words and words have different meanings to different people. Dylan said that. Everything is relative to something else. I said that.
In my system I sue WW Series 7 XLRs , power cords, and speaker cables. Whether the music is poorly mastered or wonderfully so, either comes through clearly

Use what recording studios use...Belden, Canare,  Mogami.  An astute studio owner has enough to deal with without having to buy 1K per meter balanced cable.
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What if you don’t like the recordings from the studios that use those brands? Are they the same studios that have been compressing the life out of the music? One wonders what Mercury and RCA used to record music back in the Golden, Age 50s and 60s. What brand of cables did Pink Floyd use in the studio? Or what they used at Abbey Road.
A third vote for Audio Envy. Small proprietor with excellent customer service and he actually has a recording studio that allows him to test his products during live recording sessions. His impetuous was trying to find IC's that retained the sound of the original, live music after recording it. Existing cables fell short, so he created his own. They are very accurate and natural sounding. I've compared them directly to AQ and Transparent in my systems and I like them, so much so that I changed all my cables to Audio Envy. Captain, yes that is his name, is on to something special.
Use Zetor II Avia...
they are under grand/m and just awesome...very warm, extend the soundstage a lot...
Cardas Clear sky or higher will fit what you are after! Very musical cables all around. 
IMO, the Purist Poseidon has the exact traits you are describing at at your price point.  I will tell you that the cables are heavy and unless you're working at floor level, they will need to be supported with some sort of cable ties. 
Purist Neptune seems to keep coming up in my research. But I can’t try before buying where I live. Will the Poseidon give me enough taste of the house sound?

If appearance (I know some people are into that) and brand pedigree matters most to you then by all means go for Purist Neptune or Poseidon. Either of these will give the Purist ‘house’ sound. Purist cables are pretty good and they have a strong following. I have owned full loom of Musaeus and Venustas in the past. Check with thecableco,com, they may have a loaner for you. 

You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to get great sounding cables. If transparency, richness and realism is what you going for then you outta to try Audio Envy cables. They do come with 45 days in-home trial and you will save $$$$.

Good luck! 
I am not looking for "best bang for buck". I am specifically looking for warm cables with resolution. Nor am I looking for branding or looks. 
Just looking for something cable that does something specific for system matching with my system and room which is a bit on the bright side of things.
But am not looking for high freq rolloff either.
I suggest looking into Audio Art Cables out of San Diego California.

Robert Fritz (619) 255-6451 or their web page.

I was looking to get new cables since I moved my system such that I would no longer need 25 foot XLR cables (don't ask).  I wanted to keep with Transparent Audio XLR cables and decided before I purchased them I would try a pair of Audio Art Cables. 

Hand made, specifically for you.

They, were excellent and a great value. Compared to the Transparent Audio Cables and some other high end cables I had, they matched very well.  I would definitely go with them again.

A 1.5 meter pair cost me $1,010.

To put a closure on this thread.

I went with a pair of Audiomica Consequence. I am still gobsmacked with how good these cables are.

If you ever get a chance, do try them.

Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix cables are warm.

Audio Envy is not.

I use both brands in separate systems and have A/B tested these cables in both systems. In my opinion, the Audio Envy cables are fast and not warm.
If you're using differentially balanced components.....all XLR interconnects sound pretty much the same

If you actually owned various XLRs as I have, you would not say that
I own 5 different brands and geometries of XLRs. If you owned correctly engineered differentially balaced electronics (ie Ayre) you would agree with Stringreen.
Harmonic technology. Somehow they are warm but have very good resolution. My whole system uses them. Not ultra expensive. Since I have had those, I dont even bother with cable anymore. Truth Link is what you would be looking for. You can find them used on eBay.

I'm going to demo Cardas Clear Reflection ICs and SCs as they are supposed to be the best balance between warm organic and still good resolution.

My Thiel CS 3.7s tend to be bright with silver cabling therefore in really need to try other cables.

I friend of mine has Tellurium Q Black Diamond and he's very happy with the sound.

warmth without losing resolution

yep, tis what pretty much what we all want!