XLR cable with RCA output

Hi folks, could any of you tell me if this will work: I would like to use a Straight Wire Crescendo XLR interconnect with the unbalanced output of my CAT SL 1 Signature, using an adapter plug. The power amplifier has XLR inputs that I'm also using. So configuration is: unbalanced output from the CAT --> adapter plug --> XLR Straight Wire interconnects --> to the balanced inputs of power amplifier. Would this give a tremendous deterioration of sound quality? Thank you in advance.

Be interesting to see if CAT will modify the pre for XLR I/Os
I use RCA out from my Audio Research PH7 Phono (RCA)to ARC LS26 line stage XLR inputs w/Cardas adaptors with great results. Sound opened up, much better, more transparent a great improvment, then used LS26 XLR out (also w/Cardas adaptors) to the ARC amps.

The only unit I have that has XLR in & out is the LS26, I don`t know a great deal about "electronics" but I think what happened is that the XLR "path" within the LS26 reveals more detail and is quieter. "a no going back" upgrade.
Len W
I wouldn't notice the difference, but that's me, not you. Try it and see what you hear.

As an alternative you could have Straight Wire reterminate the cable.
Cheap adaptors will kill you. You have to spend decent money on the Cardas. Otherwise you will get humm due to the impedance imbalances and other issues.
I used a pair of RCA to XLR cables between my Cary preamp & Atma-sphere amps with pretty good results. They cost less than $20 at Sam Ash. I also tried XLR adapters (not Cardas) but there was a significant loss of sound quality. You could try these before spending more money.
I also have a pair of RCA to XLR cables for my surround channels. It's usually better to limit the amount of connections to as few as possible. It's worth noting that unless you're only connection option is XLR on the amp you may as well just do RCA to RCA, but try it and see.
Purist Audio also makes the adapters and if you can locate them Infinity Audio makes a nice set too.

In my case I just had my cable reterminated. In hindsight that probably wasn't too wise as there is not much of a market when selling these cables.
Rowland research used to do that configuration too. Anyway, there is no advantage to XLR unless you do it straight balanced.
Like many others, I'm also using the cardas adapters between amp and pre-amp. In my case, it's modwright swl9.0 se pre --> cardas adapters --> acoustic zen matrix ii interconnects --> nuforce ref 9 v2 se amps.

The cardas product is very good in my setup. I retained the big soundstage I was used to hearing, and didn't have to re-terminate the interconnects (which provides downstream flexibility).

Hi, I tried the XLR interconnects with a home brewed RCA to XLR adapter but I got no sound. The signal goes this way: CAT Signature RCA output --> RCA to XLR adapter --> XLR Straight Wire interconnect --> XLR input power amplifier. No sound.