XLR cable recommendation, preamp to Marchand XM 66 crossover


seeking input on an XLR cable to connect a D’Agostino Momentum preamp to a Marchand XM 66 crossover.  I am using only the low pass side of the crossover, and running my main speakers (Salon 1) full range thru Krell Evo 600 mono amps.  The crossover sends its LF signal to a pair of class d amps I have powering a pair of Revel Sub-15 passive subs.

since the crossover is only handling the low frequencies, a cable that excels at low frequency would be ideal even at the expense of high frequency signal.

I have Audioquest Water and Straightwire Virtuoso R XLR cables I could use, but wondering if there is something better suited for this use.  The front end (dCS DeBussy DAC to the Momentum) cabling is Stealth (nanofiber and Indra V7).