XLR (Balance) Cable

Is there any body who knows the type of cable used for balance interconnect?. I am interested in making my own long (24 feet)interconnect cable. Thanks for any info.
I made some about 10+ years ago. The basic cable configuration is 2 conductors plus sheild, plus conductor to pin 2, minus conductor to pin 3, shield to pin 1 (this is the "standard" but can vary with different manufactors). For non critical use standard "microphone" cable can be purchased bulk in electronic supply shops. For high end audio use some options are: non stranded conductors, silver coated wire, 100% copper sheilding, and teflon insulation over the conducting wires. The teflon insulation is more of an upgrade than most people realize. The downside of these upgrades is that the final cable can be quite thick and stiff. Hope this helps, have fun and enjoy the music. tim murphy
I'd call The Parts Connection, 800-769-0747, and ask to speak to their tech advisor. But what you make won't be as good as the cheapest Stealth cable you could buy, check them at www.interlinkhouse.net, or email the designer at [email protected]
Balanced audio circuits rejects common mode noise such as Hum etc, The quality of cable is not particularly critical, and it is possible to transmit an audio signal for many miles using ordinary unshielded telephone cable. Cabling used in Radio Stations and Recording Studios is of fairly ordinary quality without affecting the audio quality in any way. The last few feet between CD player and Power Amplifier should not matter at all unless something not related to the cable is seriously wrong.