xlr and rca on same IC cable??

I'm awaiting a new amp for my HT. (EAD pm 1000). My current setup is using XLRs. The ead only has rca. Changing cables on my Sunfire processor is a MAJOR pain due to it's location. Can I just change the connector on the amp side? If so, Any idea which Neutric # corresponds to the inner and outer parts of the rca?

this article by Jon Risch may help.

Standard is pin 1 Ground
pin 2 Positive
pin 3 negitive
To go from balanced to rca use pin2 as hot and jumper between pins 1&3 and this is your ground
Some cable companies will custom make a cable to spec for you with XLR on one end and RCA on the other. I used Stealth cables for me ARC LS2B to used the balanced section. I sold the ARC so also am selling the cables. One has already sold and shipped but the other is still for sale here. I'd definitely recommend the Stealth cables as an excellent choice, but they are Silver and very revealing. I loved them in my application. Other cable companies will do the same terminations on custom order.