XLR? 1/4 trs? Help

I’ve purchased an Art 351 eq and a QSC amp and was wondering what would be the best way to connect the two. I have no experience with xlr or 1/4 connectors. I guess both ends need to be male right? I really have no idea what I need.
Any suggestions on where to buy online?
Thanks for the help!
Art eq out:
Balanced XLR, Active Balanced 1/4", and Unbalanced RCA Input and Output Connectors

QSC in:
Active balanced inputs for low noise Neutrik "Combo" inputs that accept both 1/4" TRS and XLR connectors
My best suggestion is to call Steve Aug at The Cable Company (Fatwyre.com - the website will give you the toll-free number - it's in Pennsylvania) and tell him you need a pair of cables with XLR/Balanced terminations. He'll tell you what's available in your price range, both new and used.
You'll receive the cables in 2 days. (Balanced/XLR cable has 3 pin terminations, female in, male out)
It looks like the logical choice is XLR terminations at both ends (male and female pairs), since, that way you won't have to bother with going through TRS to RCA adapters. But if you don't have any balanced XLR cables you can always go to RadioShack and get the RCA adapters for about $10... Audiophile-quality TRS to TRS cables are hard to find.