XLO Signature Speaker Cable Question

I have a pair of XLO Speaker Cable, that have only the word "Signature" on them as any indication of model. Is this the XLO Signature 5.1? Or is it maybe another model?

I want to list them for sale and do not wish to mislead buyers.

That seems to be it. If the color is purple and grey, then for sure it is. Let me know the detail and I may be interested. Thanks.

Thanks Dtsag. They sure are Purple and Grey. They are just 4 feet long with spades, so obviously only suitable for monoblocks.
I had the same problem identifying my XLO cables. I don't know why this is common with them. I e-mailed XLO ( Roger Skoff ) with the cable description and he replied the same day. He also knows what they retailed for. Good luck.